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Why Are Curvy Women So Sexy?

You might be surprised to know that MOST men are attracted to curvy women and even BBWs. Of course there are some turned off by it, but the majority of men appreciate “curves” on a woman, usually referring to the hourglass physique (large bosom, large hips and butt).

One study even found that curves may be scientifically attractive to men, based on the observation that they signify health, fertility and the ability to be a good mother. In contrast, very skinny women are often thought to be anorexic and may even be thought of as unhealthy.

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet looks great with a “few extra curves”
What About Sexually?

Science aside, many men just love the body shape of BBWs. While it’s true that years ago there was a “perfect standard” being pushed by Hollywood, in modern times fuller-figured women are adored by men. Even by the media has caught up to how men ACTUALLY feel about curves. Now we have celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet, Christina Hendricks, and Jennifer Lopez who look great with a “few extra curves.”

Curvy women have fuller breasts, bigger butts and thicker legs. But they still look sexy! Even in porn films, there is a popular category for BBW or curvy women, where the butt, boobs and tummy are emphasized because men LOVE to look.

The term “milf” is also a trendy word and refers to an older woman or even a mother who’s slightly aged and slightly curvy, since mothers do tend to gain weight after having a child. But does this kill the attraction men feel? Of course not! In fact, some men are even more turned on by the idea of a woman with a little junk in the trunk.

What About Attitude?

The attitude of a BBW or curvy woman is also very hot to men. Curvy babes are oftentimes very confident, funny and spontaneous. This is what men really want. Very few men want a perfectly fit trophy wife who waits to be entertained. Men admire BBWs for their sexy attitude—the girl who loves to have fun and “be real” on a date.

When you go looking for BBW dating, you will not be disappointed. There’s nothing different about curvy dating, at least from a man’s perspective. All that matters is attraction and your willingness as a man to be honest and communicative.

How to Start Searching for an Ideal Match

If you want to start dating a really hot and curvy woman, then why bother with anyone who doesn’t attract you? Filter out skinny girls, fit girls and girls that don’t do it physically for you. Focus your efforts on finding the right match—someone who intrigues you physically, emotionally and intellectually. You can focus your efforts on curvy women by using a curvy dating app. You can search locally or even across multiple states and countries, which is great if you’re traveling!

Start maximizing your curvy dating potential by only searching through profiles you love. It’s easier to start a conversation then and you can turn this online connection into a real life date!

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