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Perks of Being a Curvy Woman

Are you curvy? Looking to meet a match online but hesitating because of your weight or figure? You’re worrying too much! The facts show that it’s all about attitude, not appearances. Men are more interested in learning who you are and admiring your body than judging you! How can we say this? Let’s discuss the perks of being curvy in 2018.

Too many people think that being a curvy or plus size woman is a bad thing compared to being skinny or fit. But have you ever considered that maybe this is just a “social construct”? It means that people are trained by the media to notice skinny women, but BBW or curvy women are just as attractive when it’s one on one.

We Can't Eat!
The media focus too much on skinny girls and mislead the public as a result:
For the sake of the body, we can't eat our favorite food.
Advantages to Curvy Dating

In fact, there are advantages to being curvy and the first one is obvious: you get to eat! No need deprive yourself of good food just to keep your weight down to 110 pounds. You can eat a reasonable breakfast, lunch and dinner and not have to starve yourself just to look like a supermodel. Hey, one of the best dates anyone can have is having pizza while Netflix and chilling!

It gets better—did you know that some doctors and scientists are now claiming “plus size” has certain advantages over thin or perfectly fit? Don’t take our word for it…look at some of these studies. According to WEB MD, studies suggest that overweight people are less likely to suffer from dementia. A recent article in The Huffington Post stated that being overweight leads to a slightly better immune system because of the extra body fat.

Now scientific studies aside, if you ask guys and girls their opinion, you might hear another list of advantages. For example, bigger girls can hold their liquor better than thin girls. They’re usually physically stronger than small girls. And naturally, since they have to try a little harder than skinny girls to impress the guys that oftentimes means bigger girls are smarter and more sexually adventurous than the usual skinny girl who is used to men chasing her.

And if you ask the men, they’ll be the first to tell you that bigger girls have bigger breasts and a bigger butt—so what’s not to love? They like BBW body shapes and it’s even better when she owns it, that is, when she’s proud of who she is.

Why Self Confidence Matters

Yes there are many perks to dating BBW girls, but one thing you can never get enough of is self-confidence. Be proud of who you are and try not to be shy—especially if you meet a guy who is interested.

You can also enjoy more productive dates when you start dating online, specifically on a BBW and admirers website or app. This program allows you to instantly match up with people who are friendly to BBWs, whether that’s fellow BHM or even fit men who are attracted to bigger women. There are always perks to dating someone who’s instantly screened to like your body type! You can use this new technology to meet someone who’s really into you. Why not start looking right now?

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