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The Difference Between BBWs and Curvy Women

What’s the difference between BBW dating and curvy dating? Some guys might be confused about the difference in terms and it gets even more confusing when you add more adjectives to the equation like “small BBW” or “voluptuous.” What do all these terms mean and is there a difference in the preferences of guys?

A lot of men really like curvy women. It’s downright scientific that most men want women who are curvy, (big breasts, big butt) and not super skinny. However, this definition of curvy is not necessarily the same thing as BBW. Explaining some of these words might help you in your dating search.

BBW and Curvy
The difference between BBW and Curvy
What Does BBW Mean?

The phrase Big Beautiful Woman was invented as a way of describing large who have more of a pear shape than an hourglass shape. Some men consider BBWs a turn off, because they think it’s unhealthy or unattractive. However, not all BBWs are unhealthy. Some women who work out regularly and diet still maintain extra weight, especially if they’re just starting a new lifestyle routine.

Obesity refers to women who are overweight and may be unhealthy because of it. Obesity can cause heart problems, diabetes and other medical conditions. But are all women that are “pear shaped” at high risk of heart disease? Not compared to any other woman of varying body types, no. Some skinny women who are genetically disposed to stay skinny may actually have heart problems or diabetic symptoms.

Small BBWs is a term used to describe a woman who’s slightly overweight but well proportioned so that she doesn’t stick out of a crowd.

What Does Curvy Mean?

Curvy dating usually refers to women who are only slightly a few pounds extra, who have the hourglass figure of a large bosom and big hips and butt. Many men like this, especially after certain celebrities have accentuated their big butts.

But here’s a news flash. Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardasian are NOT considered curvy. They’re considered fit women who just so happen to have a great butt. That’s not actually “curvy” dating though, which indicates the woman has some extra pounds—meaning a bigger butt, a bigger tummy (or belly roll) or big hips.

Strangely enough, some actors and models actually get butt implants to look mainstream “curvy” but REAL curvy women will not appreciate being lumped in with those supermodels. Curvy women have imperfect bodies but they’re still sexy.

Some men really love the “imperfections” because it turns them on. A bigger butt means more to grab, curvy women have bigger and more natural breasts than super models do. Some men are actually really turned on by the imperfect protruding tummy—it makes a woman look more real or even more like a “mom”.

In short, men have very different opinions. What some men find attractive, others will not. But many men actually like dating curvy women and BBW women just the same. Sometimes these guys are of all weights and sizes themselves. It’s not uncommon for a physically fit man to be an admirer of bigger women.

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