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What's the Best Body?

What is the ideal body for a woman? If you survey men, you might be surprised at how many of them prefer a woman with some “meat on her”, so to speak. Even the “average” man admires a woman who is voluptuous and curvy. There are also many admirers of big beautiful women, men who are attracted to women who are slightly over average weight.

Why do they think a BBW has the “best body?” It may well be that she has bigger breasts, a bigger butt and a more curvy and cushion-like body, allowing for more intense and “harder” contact during sex. Some men, though are just attracted to bigger women and their natural curves.

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No matter what the body shape, confident women are the most beautiful
What Kind of Body Do You Like?

A question, gentlemen. Do you prefer big beautiful woman (BBWs) or do you prefer petite women? Answer honestly. Believe it or not, a lot of men prefer BBWs to women who are too skinny or too “petite”. Petite women’s bodies look delicate and may actually intimidate men. Bigger girls can take more “man-handling” in the bedroom. Sometimes it turns a guy on (not to mention the girl) when he gets to play with a big butt and be a little firm in bed. It’s not really an option if your girlfriend is petite and is going to be easily hurt by foreplay or sex.

Bigger women of course tend to have larger breasts, and natural breasts, which make them a favorite in porn and in male fantasies. Some men really prefer natural and don’t like the “plastic look” that Hollywood women tend to have. They want someone more down to earth.

Men also like big butts as this movement has been popularized in recent years in movies, TV and music—who can forget the song, “I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie?” Remember one reason why men always did seem to avoid bigger women in the 1980s and 1990s was because of the poor way the media depicted bigger women. Now that our culture has become more embracing, so too are men realizing their attractions.

Online Dating Makes it Easy!

If you’ve ever thought about dating a BBW, but have never had the opportunity, you’re in luck! You can easily arrange for a date using an online dating app or a curves dating website. You can customize your search for keywords or certain criteria. You can also search profiles to see if there’s a particular face or body type that you find especially beautiful. Want to look for someone in a particular city or local region? No problem!

Don’t be shy…you can start chatting immediately and find someone to be with just in time for the holidays. Interested in dating a BBW for the weekend? Why not look up local singles in your area, and this time, use a dating app exclusively for big beautiful women and their admirers? There’s something liberating about being able to search through profiles of women you immediately like and feel attracted to. Remember you can also customize your searches and make small talk with a chat feature.

Why not give it a try and have a hot date for the weekend?

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